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Аннотация проекта №J05-LVPA-K-03-0005. Английский язык

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LT Biotech is developing company, participates in project funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Project No. J05-LVPA-K-03-0005

Project value: 1.401.885,70 Eur

EU funding: EUR 820.321.31

Project implementation period: 2018 July. 2 July - 2021 July Day 2 (36 months)

Project promoter: UAB LT Biotech

The aim of the project is to increase the innovative potential of the company by creating a unique diagnostic technology that complies with ISO 17025: 2005, which would include a classic PCR detection method with the detection of laboratory information managment system (NALF) and integrated with a mobile or stationary application-software version (LIMS). ) for the validation of the study process and results. The aim is to create mobile biodiagnostic laboratory complexes in the LIMS format for medical and veterinary diagnostics by immunochromatography.

Objectives of the project

  • Expand R&D infrastructure
  • Create a prototype

Project funded activities

  • Installation of R&D Laboratory
  • Research into the development of innovative diagnostic technology
  • Experimental development of a diagnostic system

Project Summary 2009 JSC "LT Biotech", a company founded in 2006, specializes in biotechnology products, develops and supplies innovative products. One of the main areas of activity of the company is the development of innovative molecular diagnostic tools. In a rapidly changing market, research is becoming one of the key means for the company to secure long-term competitiveness in the company. For these purposes, a project is provided. During the project implementation, the company aims to develop new, innovative products as well as to upgrade existing R&D infrastructure.

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